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Tax file number

What is a tax file number (TFN)?

Tax file numbers (TFNs) are issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Your TFN is used to identify your tax records.

Everyone has a different TFN. Your TFN is yours for life, even if you change jobs, move interstate or change your name. If you leave the country and later come back to Australia, you still use the same TFN.

When you make enquiries about your tax records, the Australian Taxation Office will ask you for your TFN. They will also ask for other information to check that you are who you say you are.

Why do you need a TFN?

It is not compulsory to have a TFN. However, without it:

  • Your employer must take 46.5% of your wages in tax
  • Financial institutions are required to tax your interest at 46.5%
  • Centrelink will generally not pay you an allowance such as - Youth Allowance, Newstart or Abstudy
  • You will not be able to defer your higher education fees

The easiest way to get your Tax File Number is through the school. Instead of having to provide 100 points of ID (which you would have to do if you applied for your TFN in other ways), the school will verify to the Australian Taxation Office that you are actually you and all you need to provide is either a copy of your Birth Certificate or your Passport (whichever you have access to).

You can see me for an application form. They are quite simple to complete - you just write in all your details and you need to put in your Birth Certificate Registration Number or your Passport Number on the second page (see below). Return the completed form to me and I'll send it off and then the Australian Taxation Office will send your TFN to your home address.

Do you have a tax file number (TFN)?

If not and you are turning 15 years and older this year, you may need a TFN for the following reasons:

  • Working part time after school or considering part time work.
  • You are a School based Traineeship/Apprenticeship 
  • You will be applying for either ABSTUDY or AUSTUDY
  • To defer HECS or HELP you will need one

Don't leave it too late.

See Miss Saunders the Careers Adviser to help you apply.