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Online Study Skills Handbook

Ever feel Like you are just hanging in at school?

Time to upgrade your study skills!



Great news! Our school has subscribed to the ELES Online Study Skills Handbook.


The ELES Online Study Skills Handbook provides a comprehensive and interactive online guide for the school community (students, parents and teachers) as to the study skills needed for success in high school studies. This approach taps into students' affinity with technology to create a new and effective way to improve students' study skills.


This is a great online resource for parents and students to address all their study skills issues and concerns and enable students to learn new ways to improve their results at school. The handbook has a huge amount of information for both students and parents as well as a large number of interactive activities.

To access the handbook, go to http://www.studyskillshandbook.com.au Access details are available in the newsletter.

QHS students have direct access to this handbook through the school's Moodle site.  They use their DET username and password to access QHS Moodle.

 The topics currently covered by the handbook are:


at home


1. Home Study Environment

2. Organisation and Filing

3. Time Management Skills

4. Managing Workload

5. Dealing with Distractions

6. Overcoming Procrastination

7. Developing Motivation

8. Goal Setting

9. Lifestyle and Balance

10. Managing Stress


at school


1. Will we ever use this?

2. Using Classtime

3. Asking for Help

4. Dealing with Conflict

5. Groupwork Skills



specific skills


1. Reading Skills

2. Writing Skills

3. Mathematical Skills

4. Language Skills

5. Research Skills
6. Presentation Skills

7. Science Skills



tests and exams


1. Summarising

2. Active Studying

3. Preparing for Exam Blocks

4. Test-Taking Techniques

5. After Tests & Exams




extra ‘general' mini-units


1. Starting Secondary School

2. Becoming a Senior Student

3. Bullying: Issues and Strategies

4. Managing Part-Time Jobs

5. Your Brain and Memory

6. Live Your Best Life

+ Educational Kinesiology

+ Living Across 2 Houses

+ Travel: A Motivator to Learn

+ Uni: Lecture Note-Making


extra ‘technology' mini-units


1. Technology Tools

2. Basic Computer Skills

3. Be CyberSmart

+ Useful Apps for iPads

+ Microsoft OneNote


In addition to the huge amount of content, the systematic program for students to work through includes:online quizzes, summary sheets, worksheets, lots of FAQs answered, articles and links, online polls, facility to submit questions, helpful grids and planners, jokes and quotes, student thoughts, images and photos, students can submit ideas to win, competitions, audio and video files, streaming audio (to allow students the option to read or listen to the content) And: new content added regularly, new units added each year, new features added regularly. There is also a tracking system where students save the results of their end of unit quizzes and modules over the years.


We encourage all parents and students to take advantage
of this opportunity to further develop their students'
study skills abilities through this online resource.

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