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QHS Year 7 Debate Team comprising Seth Gumowski, Cooper Burr, Patrick Stewart and Archie McNamee took on Oxley High School recently.

QHS was the Negative for the topic: That schools should replace arts and music classes with more science.

“It was a very close debate, with excellent arguments on both sides. We were all on the edge of our seats while the adjudicator deliberated as the winner wasn’t clear at that point. In the end QHS just came ahead thanks to its effective teamwork and unified messaging<” said English Teacher and debate Coach Mr Rice.

QHS Year 9 Debate Team comprising Sophie Boorer, Ehsaas Gujral, Roy Peatling, Lachlan Stenner and Abbey Pryor (member of the team but spectator for this debate) also took on Oxley High School.

QHS was the Affirmative for the topic: That studying an Aboriginal language should be compulsory until year 10.  

 “This was also a tough debate, and the opposition was fierce. However, the excellent teamwork and debating manner of the Year 9 team led them to a decisive victory,” said an elated Mr Rice.