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QHS was the epicentre of achievement today, during the Athletics Assembly that showcased students remarkable sporting feats of 2023.

Under the guidance of Chairperson, Mr. Hamilton, with Aaron Frost-Guider and Katie Martin as Stage Assistants, the school community united to celebrate excellence at today’s presentations.

The event opened with Miley Clark and Bronte Matthews delivering their ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ followed by the National Anthem.

Principal Worley took the stage to commend both the participants and the staff who poured their energy into the last term's Athletics Carnival.

Darcy Robertson, the 2023 Sports Captain, presented the Athletic Carnival Sports Report.

The house points victor, was announced as Liverpool, who claimed the top spot for 2023, inciting jubilation across the assembly.

Tamworth Regional Athletics Centre set the stage for this year's carnival held last term, affording students a glimpse of the surfaces they would conquer in the future.

The day was dubbed "fun and fantastic" by Sports Coordinator Mr. Maxwell.

Records crumbled like confetti, with Nash Perkins leaping to a new under 16's High Jump record. Faith Green smashed the under 16's Shot Put and Discus records, and Bridie Douglas etched her name in history with the 17+ years discus record.

An astonishing 52 QHS students earned their place at the North West Carnival, with 17 advancing to the State competitions in September.

Capping the Athletics Carnival was, Mr Robertson as he sprinted to victory against Miss G, Mr. Merrick, and Quaydo in a 100m race, leaving everyone in awe.

A resounding thank you echoed through the assembly for the collaborative efforts of students and staff who made the carnival a triumph.

Teamwork was heralded as the driving force behind the success of the QHS event.

In parting, the Athletics Carnival was celebrated as a tribute to sportsmanship, records, and collective achievements.

The legacy of QHS Athletics Assembly 2023 will undoubtedly inspire greatness for years to come.